一、NB省企业家移民项目NBPNP – Entrepreneurial Stream


--近2年在nb省考察超过5天或参加过Entrepreneurial Stream information session。

基本要求:近2年在nb省考察超过5天或参加过Entrepreneurial Stream information session。

资产要求:净资产指总资产-负债总额,包括申请人和配偶的资产,但是必须是be in either or both of your names。--新新源移民
You must have a verifiable personal net worth of at least CAD $600,000 of which CAD $300,000 must be liquid and unencumbered。Your personal net worth must be legally obtained and must be verified by a third party professional designated by the Department。

“Total assets” means cash in current bank accounts; fixed (term) deposits; pensions; 
publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds; real property and investments 
in one or more businesses

“Total liabilities” means mortgages, personal debts and other encumbrances

申请费用:CAD $2,000。Your spouse or common-law partner and dependant children are included in the processing fee。non-refundable。--新新源移民

面试要求:可能会要求面试,面试为英语或法语,不能使用翻译。面试形式可能是web-based或face to face。


Priority Sectors
--Information and Communications Technologies
--Financial Services and Insurance
--Contact Centres/Back Office Operations
--Health and Life Sciences
--Professional Services
--Food Processing--新新源移民
--Value-added Wood
--Aerospace and Defence
--Advanced Manufacturing











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