Nominee Program: Business Stream

Northwest Territories Nominee Program: Business Stream 
People who want to immigrate to the Northwest Territories to start their own business or invest in and operate an established company may apply to the business streams of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program. 



Eligibility Criteria for the Business Stream




--语言:需要达到CLB4。Test results must be no older than six (6) months at the time of application. ;

--保证金:需要给NT机构提供7.5万加币诚信保证金,以信托方式持有,符合Business Performance  Agreement协议后,返回。

--如果是购买企业,原有企业需要同一个人运营满3年,by the same owner for the previous three (3) years。



Business Plan Considerations

The business plan must include, but is not limited to, the following information:
 Proposed business name and a description of the business concept;
 Business ownership information – partnership, proprietorship, corporation, franchise, acquisition;
 Proposed industry/sector, applicants must indicate the:
o industry sector code(s) that best relates to their proposed investment (per the North
American Industry Classification (NAICS); and
o Occupation code(s) that best relate to their experience and skill level (per the
National Occupation Classification (NOC) system.
 Proposed location for the business (e.g., city/town);
 Plans for establishing residence in the Northwest Territories;
 Management contribution the prospective applicant will make with respect to the proposed
business (e.g., sales, distribution, production, research and development, etc.) noting that the
prospective applicant is expected to be an active, on the ground, owner/operator of the business;
 Proposed investment amount and detail of how it will be spent;
 Forecasted start-up funds and expenses;
 Financial data as well as a financing plan (if applicable);
 Number of jobs to be created for Northwest Territories residents;
 Market research performed and all other supporting analysis (SWOT analysis, etc.);
 A list of planned past and/or future visits to the Northwest Territories, if applicable (please
provide dates, purposes, agendas, inviting organizations, etc.);
 Preparation and training for entrepreneurship in the Northwest Territories (include course titles
and institution names, if applicable);
 The name, organizations, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of
contracted professional business service providers whom the prospective applicant has
contacted and/or with whom the prospective applicant has established an active working
relationship or paid contractual agreement; and
 A summary of the people contracted or consulted with in the preparation and/or compilation of
the business plan, including the name, organization name, mailing address, e-mail address and
t e l ephone number of each.


List of Ineligible Businesses
The following businesses are considered ineligible under the Nominee Program Business Stream:
 Restaurants proposed within the city limits of Yellowknife;
 Seasonal businesses operational for less than six (6) months per year;
 Bed and Breakfasts;
 Property Management;
 Real Estate Development;
 Home based businesses;
 Any business that has the same listed head office as another registered business;
 Payday loan, cheque cashing, money changing and cash machine businesses;
 Pawnbrokers;
 Businesses previously owned or operated in the last five (5) years by current or former Nominee
Program Business Stream Nominees;
 Any immigration linked investment scheme pursuant to Immigration and Refugee Protection
Regulations (“IRPR”), section 87(5)(b);
 Any business where the terms of investment include a redemption option pursuant to IRPR, section
87(6)(d); and
 A business that by association would tend to bring the Nominee Program or the Government of the
Northwest Territories into disrepute.









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